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Power Station Generators Ensuring Access to Reliable and Cost-Effective Power

Case Studies

Global energy producer EDL develops innovative, tailored solutions that deliver reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy to customers and communities in Australia, North America and Europe.



In a recent installation in remote Western Australia, EDL chose our DC-UPS All in One CBI2420A Din Rail mountable to maintain the condition of the batteries used to start power station generators, and to provide power to the control equipment.  

The DC-UPS CBI2420A module incorporates a high-quality switch mode power supply, together with a highly advanced UPS control module. 

There are several features of our CBI2420A which were of a benefit for this application. 

The generator is located in a remote part of Australia, which is prone to high temperatures. The CBI2420A has an operating temperature range of -25 to +70°C and the unit installed by EDL has operated comfortably at 36°C. 

High temperatures can affect a battery’s acceptance of a charge. Using the CBI2420A with the temperature probe RJTEMP451 enables automatic battery charge compensation. This helps to extend the lifetime of the batteries. 





It should be noted that when using the ADELSystem modules at the higher end of the temperature range, the derating formula published in the data sheet should be observed. This is common to all switch mode power supplies. 

EDL are using the CBI2420A in conjunction with the panel controller DPY351.

EDL use the DPY351 controller’s Ethernet gateway to transfer data to their HMI page. The CBI2420A has been configured to carry out an impedance test every three hours, with data being stored in a history file that can be accessed by the HMI. 

The DPY351 also provides an alarm signal output. This has been set to send an alarm signal to PLC when the main power source fails, and the battery back-up is activated. What the ADELSystem 


CBI2420A and DPY351 give EDL is a highly advanced battery charging and monitoring system that can be monitored and controlled remotely.  
This helps reduce the operating costs of the overall power systems they supply to their customers, as it reduces the need for onsite visits to conduct regular testing of the batteries.
EDL has been able to monitor and power in the most efficient way their power station generators thanks to our complete solution:
RJTEMP451 Temperature Probe cable