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The DPY351 ADELViewgraphic is a robust multifunctional display for managing ADELSystem devices connected in an ADELBus network. It has a highbrightness and wide viewingangle 3.5’’ TFT-LCD. The user interface is clear, intuitive and allows configuring and managing the connected devices in a quick and straightforward way. Using on-board Ethernet interface, it is possible remote manage of ADELBus network.


  • It is equipped with a high-brightness and wide viewing-angle 3.5’’ TFT screen  which guarantees an optimum visibility in any operating condition
  • Intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or dashboard clear
  • Ethernet interface inside, allows to configure and manage true ADELBus the connected devices  through its,  by using the SNMP and Modbus TCP protocols 
  • It is possible to connect several devices in chain together, up to 30

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Adelview System

Comprehensive suite for remote monitoring and management of ADELSystem devices connected in an ADELBus network.



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