Video surveillance, fire system, sprinkler, access control, traffic monitoring and different field in the security sector, can find in our Battery Charger, DC UPS and Power Supply, the way to provide solutions with requirements from the market. Your System will have Uninterrupted power and you can mount those items also with DIN Rail and they are UL certificated.




Monitor, Configure, Connect


The DPY351 is a robust and versatile multifunction display that allows monitoring, configuring and managing the ADELSystem devices connected in an ADELBus network. 


  • It is equipped with a high-brightness and wide viewing-angle 3.5’’ TFT screen which guarantees an optimum visibility in any operating condition. 
  • Intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or dashboard clear and intuitive
  • Ethernet interface inside, allows to configure and managing true ADELBus the devices connected through its,  by using the SNMP and Modbus TCP protocols. 
  • It is possible to connect several devices in chain together, up to 30. 


It is possible the monitoring of the input and output data, peak current, peak voltage, all the battery parameters such as temperature, State of Charge internal Impendency 

With the DPY351, it is possible to modify the parameters of any ADELsystem device connected: DC Ups, Power Supply and Battery Charger.

Alarms management
All the alarms present on the single device are immediately reported. 

The history parameters are recorded inside each device. The DPY351 allows inspecting all the historical parameters of each single device.

The device memorize and display the last 20 action done.

Web Server 
It is possible configure and drive the device by Own Server

Actions that are coordinated among the devices connected can be programmed, thus automating the system.



So many way to use and apply it

Monitor and Control

To monitor all the parameters of installed devices in the panel


Essential to transfer all parameters remotely via Ethernet connection 

All in One

It includes 2 Input 1 Output and a temperature sensor that allows sensor management in small environments. All in one: Display, Hub, PLC




The heart of the easy-to-assemble system is a 90mm hole for all types of surfaces, designed for heavy-duty use in a robust IP67, which allows you to manage multiple units by monitoring, configuring, storing and connecting remotely. A unique device, the first that allows all the functions to be enclosed inside for maximum performance at the highest levels of ADELSystem devices.




Display parameters as you prefer

Display Configuration

Display Configuration “Homepage”

Customize Dashboard



Customize “Six Values”

Customize “Six Values”

Customize “Two Values”

Customize “Single Value"

Add new device

Notification Alarm



Gateway and Protocolli

Web Server HTTP for Configuration and Driver the device by Ethernet; static or Dynamic IP

Modbus TCP/IP Configuration TCP/IP Configuration group of parameter default values. They allow unique identification of the unit in the network.

SNMP v2c An ADELsystem MIB table is provided which consists of a list of parameters of the connected power device that can be remotely read, or read-written through the SNMP. Each parameter, (OID), is mapped one-to-one to a Modbus RTU holding register.

MQTTMQTT communication allows the DPY351 to connect to the ADELView System Cloud for the remote monitoring of the power devices connected to the DPY using Modbus or CANbus


Connection & Control

DPY351 was developed to connect to all the new devices developed by ADELSystem. Through ADELBus (CANBus and ModBus) it is possible to establish the connection of configuration, reading, evolution of the device data. Through the DPY351 it is possible to create Events, they are the result of an algorithm established by the DPY351 among the various interconnected devices.



Interactive functions

Opens the head to ADELSystem devices. View, control, integrate PLC functions and transmit all system functions via Ethernet. Compact, UserFrendly, high performance, it's the device you never thought, but now that it's there and you will not be able to do without it.


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Main features

  • Output current 2,5 A ÷ 20 A even in case of power outage (shortage)
  • Automatic allocation of available power between load and battery charging up to twice-rated output current
  • Visual indication of "power shortage","defective battery", "battery voltage< 30%", "battery charging level", self-diagnostic with flashing LED code
  • Warning relays: "main or back-up" and "defective/flat battery" with galvanic isolated output contacts NO-NC
  • 3 charging levels: "boost", "trickle" and "recovery"
  • Self-diagnosis "overload", "battery sulfutation", "reverse polarity connection", "elements in short circuit", "protection against short circuit"
  • Compatible with a remote connection to select "boost" or "trickle" charging mode
  • Accessories upon request: external temperature sensors; voltage drop compensation; remote LED display
  • Compact dimensions
  • Ambient temperature operation: -10 ÷ 50° C
  • IP 20
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Main features:

  • Ambient temperature operation field: -25 ÷ 60°C
  • IP20
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • Extremely small size
  • Current reserve

Output Voltage:
– PSM 1-phase: 5 – 12 - 24 - 48Vdc
- PSM 2-phase: 24Vdc

Output Direct Current:
– PSM 1-phase: 1,5 – 2,5 – 5 - 7- 10A



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Battery Bank


Main features:

  • Maintenance free lead AGM, VRLA Technology
  • Output: 24Vdc 1.2, 3, 7.2, 12Ah
  • Protection: Fuse
  • Connection with screws
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • IP20
  • Wall Mount with screws
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Small Size on the panel


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Battery Bank



Main features:

  • Output voltage 27,5Vdc (20°C)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Operating range in minutes
  • Small size
  • Ambient temperature operation field: 5 ÷ 40°C
  • IP20
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Battery Bank


Power Supply "UPS" to support
Fire & Voice Alarming System

The advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply for alarm system EN54-4


  • Specific device for application in fire-protection systems. Designed for 2 or 3 outputs and protected from overload and short circuit, it provides fault indication and eliminates the deep discharge of batteries

  • Temperature compensated charging

  • Input: one single phase (115-230-277 Vac)

  • Output: 12-24-48 VDC

  • Temperature compensation

  • Deep discharge protections

  • IUoUO charging curve, constant voltage and constant current Battery-Life Test function (Battery Care)

  • Four charging modes: Recovery, Boost, Absorption, Float

  • Protected against short circuit and reverse polarity

  • Output signal (contact-free) for discharged or damaged battery, Modbus, main and back-up

  • Combinable with DC UPS series

  • Wall mounted

  • Protection degree: IP31

  • Complies with EN54-4 (Pending Approval)






Inside the Device


Uninterruptible power supply unit for fire protection and voice alarm systems. It is possible to configure the device by choosing two different types of display, DPY351 and DPY353, while meeting all requirements of the EN54-4 standard.

The device can be integrated with the whole range of CBI ADEL system batteries and with different battery sizes (from 1.2 to 18 Ah). Its protection degree is IP31. Its maximum total output can reach 20 A and it can be distributed between load and battery, depending on the type of CBI chosen. The complete range of power-supply output is 12-24-48 VDC. CBI devices can load, recharge and test batteries. For Recharge-&-Testing battery features, please refer to the Technical Data of the CBI Line.

In case of failure, CBI devices automatically switch the battery to the load without any output interruption. The battery is tested, charged and its charging temperature compensated through the external temperature sensor. With models DPY351 and DPY353, you can monitor the state of the device. An alarm will directly report a signal through dry contact or by Ethernet. The alarm mainly indicates a problem such as a battery fault (Internal Impedance), a problem related to the back-up or a rectifier fault.

SFP54.4 can be connected through other devices by ADELBus in loop configuration. For instance, CBI2801224A is performed for this configuration. In this way, you can manage additional devices with only one DPY351 display.  With DPY531, it is also possible to detect electromagnets for fire doors; record switch detectors, ground leakage and environmental temperature; as well as to control light or output sound alarms. Installing a LDC (3.5”) on the front panel, enables you to monitor the system condition, i.e., event log, alarm, battery, back-up, output current (and voltage) during the loading, as well as the battery side connected on the loop. There is also a keyboard on the display of DPY351 for the configuration and maintenance of the device.




Devices Selection


Power Supply Units

You can connect on the panels all the DC-UPS (CBI line of ADEL system DC-UPS). They are all-in-one products and they incorporate: power supply, back-up, battery charger, tester module and Power Management System. Power Management System is an automatic power sharing system that works across the power supply, the battery and its load. It is suitable for all battery types. Our Battery Care is an automatic form of diagnostics that checks the battery status, including our Life-Test function. This system detects the internal battery impedance (Input: 115-230-277 Vac - Output: 12-24-48 VDC).





Inside the Device


The 3.5” display, designed for heavy-duty usage, thanks to a robust IP67, allows the user to manage multiple units, as well as monitor, configure, store and remotely connect. A single device, therefore, enables the inclusion of all these functions, ensuring great performance at the highest level.



Display View


Dashboard Display Configuration Customize Dashboard
Customize “Six Values” Customize “Two Values” Customize “Single Value"


Notification Alarm



Gateway and Protocol

DPY351 is a powerful device in addition to being a gateway:

  • HTTP  Web Server to configure and drive the device by Ethernet
  • Static or Dynamic IP.  
  • TCP/IP Modbus - TCP/IP Configuration (configuration of parameter groups associated with default values to allow a unique identification of the unit in the whole network).
  • SNMP v2c (an ADEL system MIB-table is provided. It consists of a list of parameters of the connected power device that can be remotely read, as well as read-written, through the SNMP. Each parameter, OID, is mapped one-to-one to a RTU Modbus holding register).
  • MQTT communication to allow the DPY351 to connect to the ADELView System Cloud for the remote monitoring of the power devices connected to the DPY using Modbus or CANbus. 



Schematic Environment DPY351



Suite for remote monitoring and management of the device connected in ADELBus network or in the Cloud. It is possible to monitor and configure the device for months/years, i.e., history log, data log, etc.





  • RJTemp for CBI line (compensated-temperature battery charge).
  • RJTemp temperature measuring. DPY351 can measure environmental temperature and take actions in relation to its minimum and maximum values.

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Battery charger with built-in intelligence

CB12245AJ is a charging and testing unit with an integrated CANbus-communication functionality.

Thanks to our Battery-Care philosophy, this device optimizes its battery life. It is housed in strong enclosures and it is easy to install as it comes with an automatic coupling for DIN Rails. Once the batteries have been automatically charged, the CB chargers check the battery life status to avoid all risk of damage, thus allowing the device to remain permanently under load.

The CB12245AJ is based on the latest generation of microcontrollers and it covers more than 50 parameters regarding charging status and failure through the CANbus J1939 protocol. ADEL system battery chargers have four charging stages and provide an accurate battery diagnosis. These devices are considered a revolution in the High-Tech application of energy management.

  • Extremely Small Size

  • Automatic four stage-charging profiles

  • Fast-loading technology

  • Power Supply function

  • Batteries able to be charged with temperature compensation

  • Straightforward diagnostic and monitoring of battery and device

  • Maximum safety and protection through standard features

  • UL Approved (pending)

  • IP protection 20

  • Loading and monitoring of all battery types (AGM, Gel, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion)

  • Automatic “de-rating” to comply with strong fields



Remote Controller

CANbus J1939 allows the remote monitoring of more than 50 parameters regarding battery charging and charger status.

Battery Charger

Multistage battery charger that works on all battery types. Recovery, boost, absorption and float. Recharge batteries that are close to zero. Customizable charging curves.

Battery Tester

Battery care is our main philosophy. The battery chargers monitor reverse polarity, battery connection, short circuit, overload and charge current limit.




  • CAN Connection J1939 covers more than 50 parameters
  • One device for all battery types: Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion
  • Multistage Charging. Four Charging Modes: Recovery, Boost, Absorption, Float
  • Adjustable charging current
  • Selectable Fast-Charge option
  • Testing Battery: Reverse Polarity, Disconnected Battery, Short Circuit, Opened Element, Close-to-Zero Battery
  • Wide input voltage range: 115-230-277 Vac
  • One single device for 12-or 24-VDC-Output
  • Power Supply Function
  • Fail Contact Alarm
  • LED Diagnosis Alarm
  • Suitable for DPY351




Generator Sets ,Gen set, Engine Starting, Industrial Fire Protection  Systems Water Pumping



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Industrial Power Supply

Main Features:

  • For industrial and domestic applications
  • Wide input range: 100-240 Vac
  • Range product from 15 to 60 W
  • Protection class II
  • Wide temperature range: -25 to +70°C
  • Continuous Mode protection for Overload and short-circuit
  • DIN Rail and wall mount; Automatic Snap on
  • Extremely small size, more efficiency
  • 3 years warranty

Output Voltage:

  • 12;24 Vdc

Output Direct Current:

  • 1 phase: 0.6 - 2 - 2.8 A



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DC/DC Converters

Caratteristiche principali:

  • Tensione di uscita: 24Vdc
  • Corrente di uscita: 1,3 ÷ 10A
  • Uscita regolabile ± 10%
  • Dimensioni estremamente compatte
  • Intervallo di temperatura 0 - 50°C

La gamma SUP comprende alimentatori/convertitori con isolamento galvanico tra primario e secondario, basati sulla tecnologia switching, il cui range di ingresso può variare da 18 a 36Vdc, mantenendo stabile la tensione di uscita a 24Vdc, per fino a 10 A.
Predisposti per fissaggio a pannello, oppure tramite accessorio, anche a Barra DIN. Sono protetti al cortocircuito e al sovraccarico in uscita.

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