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Battery Bank

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Battery Bank


High-quality lithium cells guarantee over 1500 charge cycles even at critical temperatures (-20°C...55°C). The BAT12Wh assures 5x longer service life than lead acid, Gel and AGM batteries.

A compact and lightweight solution for buffering PLCs, gateways and components within the switchboard.



The advanced internal BMS monitors and controls the entire charging and discharging process of each battery cell. At the same time, the BMS protects the battery pack from dangers such as short circuit, overcurrent, overtemperature, overcharging and deep discharge.



By connecting the BAT12Wh with the CBI60 line, the battery can be managed and monitored remotely via Ethernet TCP/IP, SNMP and HTTPS protocol. It sends alarms and records battery events such as the number of completed charge cycles. 

The battery pack can be disconnected via the front button or remotely via Ethernet command, facilitating panel maintenance operations.

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