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Electronic Circuit Breaker

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Electronic Circuit Breaker




The MRF102 2-channel electronic circuit breaker with Din Rail mounting is designed for current distribution and protection of 12V or 24V load circuits. Set the rated output current for each channel for 1A...10A through the push button.

Protect your Load from Short Circuit and Overcurrent

The MRF102 will reliably secure your system components from overload and short-circuits. You will immediately be informed via the alarm signal. All other loads stay unaffected and keep your system running.


With just one click


Each channel can be adjusted without any tools by means of one single pushable button. Reliable protection against unintentional adjustment of current values, thanks to electronic locking.


Wide Input Voltage Range 

One module for 12V and 24V Input voltage thanks to the wide input range of 8 – 32 VDC. 
12V e 24V power supplies can be connected without limits.

Space Saving Design

With a width of 18mm, the MRF102 saves a lot of space in the panel. By connecting two units in series, it remains one of the smallest solutions on the market.



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