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Monitor & Control

Work environments like the industry are complex and challenging. You have to manage and follow the workflow, every step of which must be under control. It's therefore important that any indication of value, state or alarm signal is clear and easily recognizable.

DPY353 is a pocket controller that monitors the state of the Safety DC-UPS. It is connected to in a clear and intuitive way so that you can have an accurate picture of the system situation. DPY353 monitors all kinds of battery types: AGM (Open Lead Acid and Sealed Lead Acid), Gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion.


Through the ADELBus network (Adel System network) it manages all the
connected devices:
- Charging states of the CBI device
- Main or Back Up CBI condition
- Fail Alarm
- Diagnostic function
- State of Charge Battery (SOC)
- Charging Current

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