DC/DC Converters

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This line is designed for all non-industrial applications: isolated and non-isolated power supply units/converters, able to supply input-output voltages equal to or different from rated input voltage. Their primary function is to compensate fluctuations in input voltage and maintain a stable output. They can be supplied DIN Rail Mountable or not, all have short-circuit and overload protection on output and guarantee a stable output voltage. Like all Adel system products they comply with the latest standards applied to the industry.

DC/DC Converters

Caratteristiche principali:

  • Tensione di uscita: 24Vdc
  • Corrente di uscita: 1,3 ÷ 10A
  • Uscita regolabile ± 10%
  • Dimensioni estremamente compatte
  • Intervallo di temperatura 0 - 50°C

La gamma SUP comprende alimentatori/convertitori con isolamento galvanico tra primario e secondario, basati sulla tecnologia switching, il cui range di ingresso può variare da 18 a 36Vdc, mantenendo stabile la tensione di uscita a 24Vdc, per fino a 10 A.
Predisposti per fissaggio a pannello, oppure tramite accessorio, anche a Barra DIN. Sono protetti al cortocircuito e al sovraccarico in uscita.

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DC/DC Converters

Main features:

  • Input: 12 Vdc
  • Output: 24 - 30 - 40 - 48 - 60 Vdc
  • Output In: 3 A ÷ 6 A
  • Adjustable output ±10%
  • Ambient temperature operation field: 0 - 50° C
  • IP20

The low voltage power supplies/converters in the STEP-UP range are suitable for producing voltages higher than the input voltage. They are typically used for currents of 3-6A, in cases where there is a rated input voltage of 12Vdc transformed into higher output voltage, perhaps to connect to a 12Vdc battery to then power a 24Vdc PLC. STEP-UP units feature switch-mode technology, are DIN Rail Mountable, and have output short-circuit and overload protection. For use in industrial and automotive applications, they are particularly reliable, robust, easy to use and comply with the latest regulatory standards.

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