DC-UPS with ETHERNET interface

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DC-UPS with ETHERNET interface

The CBI60W series with integrated Ethernet SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP and HTTPS protocols is the new DC-UPS All In One module with output voltages of 12V or 24V.
The design of the modules follow the same reliable performance of the actual DC-UPS CBI All In One Line.

The CBI60W Series All In One is composed by:

  • Power Supply
  • Backup Module
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Tester

 The CBI60W Series has based on Battery Care technology by Adelsystem:

  • Specific battery charging profiles (Lead Acid, AGM, GEL, NiCd, NiMh, Li-Ion and LiFePO4);
  • Temperature compensation charge;
  • Deep discharge protection;
  • Charging current limiter;
  • Battery tester (battery connection, reverse polarity, cells in short circuit, bad internal impedance);
  • Battery state of health monitoring




ETHERNET Integration for remote monitoring

The Ethernet SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP and HTTPS interfaces allows the users to access to internal DC-UPS parameters remotely trough IoT equipment. A number of important operating parameters are sent on real-time. The interface allows to:

  • Monitor parameters;
  • Configure of parameters;
  • Log events and data;
  • Receive alarm notification.

For example, the operator can monitor remotely on real-time following parameters:

  • AC Input voltage;
  • DC Output load voltage, current, power and Output load state;
  • Battery voltage, current and internal resistance
  • Receive alarms about mains, device and battery failures.

Based on the received data, the user can improve system efficiency and optimize at best the energy consumption of the system.



The CBI60W Series has its own internal webserver with the possibility to connect by using their IP Address.

Using the IP Address, the user will manage the configuration of the DC-UPS through Adelviewsystem interface.



Load switch and Relay configuration

The load output is totally configurable and the CBI60W Series allows the user to enable and disable the output load based on the type of application.

• Switch OFF the load through a command via Webserver or external push button

• Switch OFF the load as soon as the AC Mains is present

• Switch ON the load as soon as the AC Mains fails (emergency lighting)

• Power the load for a specified period of time

• Power the load for a cyclic operation, load turns off and on cyclically and autonomously according to configured timings

• Possibility of connecting load activation to an external push button


The Relay contacts can be freely configured according to the user's needs. It is possible to configure:

• Fault Relay

• AC Mains Relay

• Rectifier Relay

• Buzzer acoustic alarm


Multicolor Led


The CBI60W series has been integrated with multicolor LEDs and an acoustic alarm to easily and quickly recognize critical situations inside the panel.



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