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Ready to give you energy in security and reliability. Range of battery modules ready to be matched to your DC UPS. In function of consumption of your load and the time you want to secure your system, you can choose different sizes of accumulation. They are products you can use in any type of industry and plant engineering, for wall mounting or DIN Rail mounting. Available with and without integrated batteries. Small VRLA Range gives you the possibility of mounting the Battery Bank wall or DIN Rail as you want, up to size 7.2Ah.

Battery Bank Small VRLA
  • Maintenance free lead AGM, VRLA Technology
  • Output: 24Vdc 1.2, 3, 7.2, 12Ah
  • Protection: Fuse
  • Connection with screws
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • IP20
  • Wall Mount with screws
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Small Size on the panel

Second generation of ultra-compact Battery Holders, for VRLA and LI-Ion Batteries, unique product for mounting DIN Rail and Wall mount for all models; the 12 Ah only for wall mounting. Steel Container, high battery protection, a minimum encumbrance on the DIN Rail combines the batteries overlapped. They are constantly monitored by the ADEL System DC UPS. Available in 24V.

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Battery Bank VRLA

Main features:

  • Output voltage 27,5Vdc (20°C)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Operating range in minutes
  • Small size
  • Ambient temperature operation field: 5 ÷ 40°C
  • IP20

Battery Modules are available in the following sizes: 1.2 – 3 – 7.2 and 12Ah. They have been developed to enable battery applications to be carried out in safety. For this reason, they are fitted with fuse and terminal vlock and the whole set of batteries is protected by a case.

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Battery Bank SFP 54.4

Power Supply “UPS” to support:

Fire & Voice Alarming Systems

The advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply for alarm system EN54-4


  • Specific device for application in Fire Protection systems. Designed for 2 or 3 outputs to load protected by overload and short circuit, fault indication, eliminate the deep discharge of the batteries. 
  • Compensated battery charging in temperature.
  • Input: Single-phase 115-230-277 Vac
  • Output: 12-24-48 Vdc
  • Temperature compensation
  • Deep Discharge protections
  • Charging curve IUoUO, constant voltage and constant current Battery Life Test function (Battery Care)
  • Four charging state: Absorption, Boost, Float and Recovery
  • Protected against short circuit and inverted polarity
  • Signal Output (contact free) for discharged or damaged battery, Modbus, Mains/Back-Up
  • Combined with DC UPS series
  • Wall Mount
  • Protection degree IP31
  • Comply with EN 54-4 (Pending Approval).







What’s Inside

Uninterruptible Power supply unit for fire protection and voice alarm system. It is possible configure the device by choosing two different type of Display, DPY351 and DPY353 to meet all requirement of 54-4 Norm.

The devices can integrate all range CBI’S ADELSystem and different battery size from 1.2 to 18Ah, Environment protection is IP31.The maximum total output current depending on the type of CBI’s chosen, it can reach 20 A that can be distributed between load and battery. Complete range of Power supply output: 12, 24, 48 Vdc. CBI’s devices can supply the load and recharge & testing the Battery. For Recharge & Testing battery feature, please refer to Technical Data CBI line.

When main fail, automatically the CBI’S switch the battery to the load without any output interruption. In any situation the battery it is tested charged and temperature charging compensated, by external temperature sensor. By DPY351 or DPY353 it is possible monitoring state and alarm that can be transmitted by Dry contact or by Ethernet true DPY351. The main alarms Type are: Battery Fault (Internal Impedance), Main o Back Up, Rectifier Fault.

SFP54.4 can be connected true other devices by ADELBus in loop configuration, CBI2801224A it is performed for this configuration, in this way it is possible manage additional devices with only one Display DPY351.  By use of DPY531 it is possible detect electromagnets for fire doors, switch detector, ground Leekage, temperature environment, and it is possible to drive light or output sound alarm; those are only some example. By LDC 3.5” suited on the front Panel it is possible monitoring in a dashboard the System situation, Event Log, History alarm, Battery situation, Back Up, Output Current and Voltage on the Load and Battery side for each device connected on the loop. On the display DPY351 are present also key board for the configuring and maintenance





Devices Selection


Power Supply Units

It is possible tu put inside the panel all range DC Ups “CBI line DC Ups ADELSystem. They are All In One products, they incorporate: Power Supply, Back Up - Battery Charger & Tester module and Power Management System. Power Management system is an automatic power sharing across Power Supply, Battery and Load. For all battery types. Battery Care is an Automatic diagnostic of battery status Including Life Test function; detect the Internal Battery Impedance. Input: 115/ 230/ 277 Vac; Output: 12, 24, 48 Vdc.”






Display 3.5” designed for heavy-duty use in a robust IP67, which allows you to manage multiple units by monitoring, configuring, storing and connecting remotely. A unique device, the first that allows all the functions to be enclosed inside for maximum performance at the highest levels of ADELSystem devices.

Display View


Dashboard Display Configuration Customize Dashboard
Customize “Six Values” Customize “Two Values” Customize “Single Value"


Notification Alarm

Gateway and Protocol

DPY351 it’s a powerful device also as a gateway:

Web Server HTTP for Configuration and Driver the device by Ethernet; static or Dynamic IP

Modbus TCP/IP Configuration TCP/IP Configuration group of parameter default values. They allow unique identification of the unit in the network.

SNMP v2c An ADELsystem MIB table is provided which consists of a list of parameters of the connected power device that can be remotely read, or read-written through the SNMP. Each parameter, (OID), is mapped one-to-one to a Modbus RTU holding register.

MQTTMQTT communication allows the DPY351 to connect to the ADELView System Cloud for the remote monitoring of the power devices connected to the DPY using Modbus or CANbus 


Schematic Environment DPY351






  • RJTemp, for CBI’s line. For temperature compensated battery charge.

  • RJTemp temperature probe.DPY351 can measure environmental temperature and takes actions in relation to specified minimum and maximum values.




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