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Those requiring just a system for recharging and maintaining lead batteries charged which does not provide a complex power supply recharging system with back-up modulus, will find the CB series a reliable, state-of-the-art solution. This range is used for the same applications as the “CBI – All in One” range, yet solely for recharging.

The CB Battery Charger a range of microprocessor power supplies that charge the sealed lead battery to optimize performance and durability. Based on switching technology, they obtain a voltage stabilized at the set value, even in the absence of load. This battery charge at three charge levels and with battery diagnosis revolutionize the application of current products on both civil and industrial installations. Electronic management of the battery maintenance charge, optimal recharges over time. Like other ADEL SYSTEM products, they are supplied in sturdy containers that can be easily installed thanks to the automatic DIN rail hook. The CB battery chargers, once the batteries are automatically charged according to the multistage principle (fast charging and charging Trickle), which works with quality to prevent any risk of damage, thus using it to leave them permanently charged.

Charge & Testing


Main Features:

  • Output voltage 12, 24, 36Vdc
  • Output current 3A ÷ 35A
  • Recharge with constant voltage and current (AGM Open Lead Acid/Sealed Lead Acid, Gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion).
  • Maintenance charge
  • Relay output for signaling anomalies during the check, such as "battery to be replaced"; "Low battery"; "Network not present"; that is: high voltage at the ends of the battery; open or sulfated battery; inverted connection; possible short circuit element
  • Protection against short circuit, overload, output overvoltage, polarity reversal
  • Extremely selected dimensions
  • Temperature range -10 ÷ 70 ° C
  • IP20



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