Power Boost Video

This features allows the use of a smaller size unit to power demanding loads  such as motors, solenoid valves, lamps and other loads with transient overload behavior which would otherwise require an oversize power supply. »

The Australian case study

Our DC-UPS is operating in a desert area in west Australia for power-producing EDL and develops innovative and bespoke solutions that deliver reliable, affordable and sustainable power to customers and communities in Australia, North America and E... »

Battery Charger Video CB

Here's the video of our CB Battery Charger range products. Thanks to our Battery-Care philosophy, this device optimizes its battery life. It is housed in strong enclosures and it is easy to install as it comes with an automatic coupling for DI... »

Western Australia

In a remote area of ​​Western Australia, our All in One CBI2420A DC-UPS is present. In combination, the DPY351 controller's Ethernet gateway is used to transfer data to its HMI page. The CBI2420A has been configured to perform an impedance... »

A reliable power supply for Backhaul Systems

Thanks to our Australian Distributor ADM Systems Australia, Adelsystem's DIN rail mounted DC UPS line has been chosen as power backup unit to guarantee connectivity to Rural and Regional Australia. Field Solutions Group selected Adel Systems... »

Video DPY351 settings

New 3 videos uploaded to our Youtube channel that describe in detail the steps to be able to manage some of the features of the DPY351. Thanks to an instinctive interface and the robustness of its architecture, the DPY351 is an essential tool for ... »

Video Battery Setting

We realized 4 videos that explain the steps to correctly configure the battery in the DC-UPS CBI2801224 + Panel Controller DPY351 configuration. For any doubt you can write questions in the comments for each video. VIDEO 1: Configuration mode... »

RTU Applications

The RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is a device for acquiring, processing, storing and transmitting information between the Secondary Substation and the Control Center. Facilitating efficient and reliable communication between secondary substation and ... »

New Blog article

Read our blog article: Battery capacity and Internal Impedance on their close correlation and on the related issues. READ THE FULL ARTICLE »

Flex Power Point

The updated presentation of Flex industrial power supplies is now online. Data accompanied by graphs, photos and information illustrating the robust potential of this line. DOWNLOAD THE FLEX PRESENTATION »

DC-UPS Video

We have uploaded on our Youtube channel the new video about our DC-UPS, the power continuity line for your company.       »

Power Point DC-UPS

The presentation of our DC-UPS line in Power Point version is available. Updated information, new graphics and images.   DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION »

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021

It has been a difficult year for everyone. We are now ready to face new opportunities. The most important wish is to return to an atmosphere of newfound serenity and good health!   A  Merry Christmas to all of you and familie... »

Battery Test

What are the characteristics of a Battery Tester? Come to discover in ou Battery are like Eggs blog.  CONTINUE TO READ »

Controlin BV trust us

Controlin BV, a dutch company, relies on our products when it has to guarantee quality, efficiency and robustness. On this page he presents our CB12245AJ, CB122410A, DPY351 and the potential of our work network. READ THE FULL ARTICLE »

Power Continuity: the energy

Our social campaign has just started with this video that summarizes Adelsystem values: robustness and reliability. You can see it from our youtube channel »


Discover the superior capabilities of our FLEX Industrial Power Supplies. Few other products on the market they manage to compete with their performance. Click on the video and find out FLEXvsCompetitors »

Power Point Battery Bank

It is available the presentation of our Battery Banks. Range of battery modules wall or DIN Rail mounting. Based on consumption of your load and the time you want to secure your system, you can choose different sizes of accumulation.   ... »

Ask for a personal meeting

Click and prenote a meeting with us. We will be at SPS Italy 28/29/30 september for a digital edition. Ask us for a personal meeting to let you discover our power continuity solutions. Our innovative and customizable proposals ensure electrical co... »

Battery Maintenance & Effectiveness

The remaining battery life cannot be predicted. In recent years, improvements in the design of the VRLA battery and the high cost of discharge tests have led many users to look for ways to reduce their maintenance regime and cost...CONTINUE TO REA... »

DC-UPS + BATTERY BANK Configuration 1/2

In this video we present how to configure our DC-UPS in relation to the connected Battery Bank and all the connected functions. WATCH THE VIDEO 1/2 »

Custom Configuration Charging

How configure CBI2420A for AGM Crystal chemistry  WATCH THE VIDEO »

Power Point Presentation of CB Range

Is now available new updated Power Point Presentation of Charge & Testing Range. You can find all features and benefit by using our solutions. Click here to download »

Battery charger with customizable charging curves

CB12245AJ from Adelsystem (Italy) is a battery charging and monitoring unit. It can provide more than 50 charging status and failure parameters via CAN, using the J1939 higher-layer protocol...CONTINUE TO READ »

SFP54.4 Protects and Controls

SFP54.4 is an Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit for fire alarm systems, CCTV cameras and Backup Power System. The complete equipment can be remotely configured with the ...CONTINUE TO READ   »

How to prevent inefficiency and maintain the system reliable over the years

Common replacement strategies, especially in access networks, are reactive rather than proactive. We can talk abo...continue to read to our blog »

DPY351 Advanced Configuration

Here's a short guide to configure our DPY351 to an Adelbus Network. Easy e quickly way to connect with the right commands.   »

Video presentation SFP

Please watch the video of our device for application in Fire Protection systems. Designed for 2 or 3 outputs to load protected by overload and short circuit, fault indication, eliminate the deep discharge of the batteries.  Please click ... »

Overview video

Our newest presentation video is online. Our products and activities are under the banner of Battery Care. »

Security Sector on PDF and Power Point

You can download our Security Sector presentation. Our products have been the ideal choice for many companies operating in this sector. Robustness, precision and technology: security is guaranteed. Please download the Security Presentation:... »

El cuidado del batería

Versión en español de nuestra presentación. Fuentes de poder, Cargador de Batería. DC-UPS: todo en uno: Fuente de alimentación + Cargador de batería + Módulo de respaldo.   »

Our blog

Welcome to our blog! You'll find info and ratings on all aspects of the market, and more. Click here to read the first 3 post. »

Energy is not just a word

  Here's our new video. Let's talk about energy: Energy is not a word. It's a world. »

We will remain open

🔴 We will remain open and continue to operate regularly 🔴 With reference to the latest events related to the containment rules of COVID-19, due to some requests received by our customers and due to the provisions of the Prime ... »


ADELSystem protects its employees and operators. Since the beginning of this situation, ADELSystem has implemented all the actions necessary to safeguard health first. Through activated remote reactivation, it can guarantee assistance according to... »

With ADELView System you can run your business remotely

ADELView System is a PC-based software developed to monitor in real time every important parameter of the Device. A simple and intuitive user’s interface allows monitoring of battery parameters, load output, temperature sensor, mains presenc... »

The Suitcase Kit

This kit provides an effective way to showcase the ADELSystem product experience.   »

Testimonial speak for us

We are always very proud when a customer speaks of our products as tools that resolve their being entrepreneurs.   »

The new DPY351 Video

The DPY351 ADELViewgraphic is a robust multifunctional display for managing ADELSystem devices connected in an ADELBus network. It has a highbrightness and wide viewingangle 3.5’’ TFT-LCD. »

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Subscribe to our newsletter and we will inform you about the upcoming events and offers. Keep in touch with the Adlesystem universe!     »

Prototypes at Tecnopolo

  Here is the report of the presentation of the results of the partnership between the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia, Unimore - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, PID - Punto Impresa Digitale at Fondazione REI - Tecnopolo di R... »

Innovation at Tecnopolo

10 Reggio Emilia companies with innovative solutions (from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Robotics and IoT🚀🚀🚀)   Let's know what are the innovative prototypes developed during 2019 thanks to the collab... »

We are hiring

Our company works in an environment focused on innovation. We are looking for consultants in order to improve our sales strategies. We request specializations in the field of industrial electrical automation, electrical continuity, generators, mor... »

SPS Nuremberg

26-28 November 2019 Halle 10 - Stand 10.0-600 We will give you answers and solutions to three of the main needs that your company probably faces every day. How to guarantee high efficiency and long life for your ... »

Charge&Testing: CB12245AJ

CB12245AJ is a charging and testing unit with an integrated CANbus-communication functionality. Thanks to our Battery-Care philosophy, this device optimizes its battery life. It is housed in strong enclosures and it is easy to install as it c... »

PowerGen Exhibition New Orleans

November 19th - 21st, 2019 Booth 1047: visit us at PowerGen Exhibition. Come to discover our power continuity solutions and our Battery Care technology. Our innovative and customizable proposals ensure electrical continuity to your systems. »

Our range of products

In this video our range of products with essential technical data. A wide selection of products for electrical continuity. All this, we call it Battery Care. »

Fiera Sicurezza

Visit us at Fiera Sicurezza (Milan - Italy) 13-15 November 2019 Hall 7 Stand N15     Come to discover our power continuity solutions. Our innovative and customizable proposals ensure electrical continuity to your syst... »

Industrial Power Supply (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

ADEL system offers now a complete range of products for power supply and energy back-up in the industrial automation field. Besides a complete range of industrial power supplies with output voltage  48, 24, 12, and 5 Vdc with current from 1A ... »


Click on our new video with english subtitle. The CBIs combine the functions of Power Supply with those of Back Up Module and of Battery Charger.  »


Here is the video presentation of our product range. With our experience and more than 250 models produced for different applications. »

SPS Nuremberg

We look forward to seeing you at the SPS  (Nuremberg)   26-28 November 2019 Halle 10 - Stand 10.0-600   We are waiting for you to share solutions that allow you to solve all the needs required by the industrial ... »

PowerGen Exhibition in November

Visit us at PowerGen Exhibition   November 19th - 21st, 2019 Booth 1047 Come to discover our power continuity solutions and our Battery Care technology. Our innovative and customizable proposals ensure electrical... »


The battery charger with head inside   CB12245AJ is a Charging and Testing unit with an integrated CANbus communication functionality. Thanks to the Battery Care philosophy, it optimizes battery life. It is housed in strong e... »

Industrial Power Supply

ADELSystem offers a truly complete range of industrial power supply units for a whole range of different applications. The wide range of input voltages enables them to operate in any part of the world. UL and CSA type-approved, with design based o... »

SFP54.4 Auxiliary Power Supply UPS

  Power Supply “UPS” to support: Fire & Voice Alarming Systems   The advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply for alarm system EN54-4 GO TO THE PAGE   »

Our Testimonials

Our clients talks about our products. "Ci pensa lui"   "Non ha eguali sul mercato" »

SPS Fair Videos

Here's the Fair SPS Videos Monitor and Control Our testimonial!   DC-UPS Charge and Testing Power Supply   »

New DPY351 Display

The DPY351 is a robust and versatile multifunction display that allows monitoring, configuring and managing the ADELSystem devices connected in an ADELBus network. Find out more   »

Sps Fair Parma 28-30 May

As every year ADELSystem will be present at one of the most important european trade fairs in the field of industrial automation. From the 28th to the 30th of May we will be in Parma to exhibit at the SPS Ipc Drives, for more information ... »

Students Visit

ADEL System has a long story of welcoming students in the company to show them our environment and how we work together!   Today we have welcomed students from a local high school and they have seen first-hand part of the new technolo... »

Hannover Fair 2019

As every year ADELSystem will be present at one of the most important world trade fairs in the field of industrial automation. From 1st to 5th April we will be in Hannover to exhibit at the Hannover Messe, for more information click on th... »

Middle East Electricity 2019

5-7 March in Dubai we will be Exhibiting at the Middle East Electricity, we will bring all our new solutions for power continuity! If you are interested contact us or click here! »

Christmas Holidays

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and offer you the best Christmas wishes from the ADELSystem family. Please note that our offices will be closed for Christmas holidays from 24 December 2018 to 04 ... »

Power Gen 2018

  Like every year, one of the most important fairs in the world in the power generation sector is coming!  The fair will take place in the city of Orlando in Florida. We will obviously be present, like every year, waitin... »

Electronica Fair 2018

As every year, one of the most important fairs of the sector in the field of industrial automation is coming! In the beautiful setting of the city of Munich and on the dates 13-14-15-16 November, the event is held at the Messe Münche... »

Green Energy Technologies Business Mission

  Thanks to the support of EU Gateway, we will participate in the Green Energy Technologies Business Mission in Indonesia and Singapore, from October 28th to November 1st!   With the support of the European Union, we wil... »

China International Industry Fair (CIIF) 2018

We are going for the first time to attend one of the biggest fairs in China this year, we will be exhibiting our full line of products! If you are there come and visit us at the European Pavillion, 4.1H A073 B235!  We will be more tha... »

DPY351 Features!

We can proudly present the new features of the DPY351! In the video below you can learn about some of the features that you can have if you decide to become part of the ADELSystem family!   VIDEO »

Fortronic Power fair in Modena

ADEL System is pleased to invite you on June 28th at Modenafiere for the Fortronic Power fair!   We will be present in Hall C.   Participation is free, you can find more information on the site: »

Sps Parma Exhibition

As every year one of the most important exhibitions in the italian landscape of industrial automation is coming!   We will of course be present, as every year, waiting for you at Hall 5 Booth I008.   Will you be there? »

New Linkedin Page

Today more than ever there is the necessity to always be in contact with customers, ADELSystem has decided to dive in the ocean of Social Networks to propose new collaboration and special offer! Join us on our brand new Linkedin page! http... »

Horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 781808   SWING OBJECTIVES Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more part of o... »

Hannover Fair 2018

As every year, one of the most important exhibitions of the world in the automation sector is coming!   We will of course be present, like every year, waiting for you in Hall 11 at Stand E62!   Will you be there? ... »

Light & Building 2018

The world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. From 18th to 23rd of March 2018, we will await you on Hall 11, stand A30! »

Product Guide 2018

Out now the brand new Product Guide for the year 2018, inside you can find the complete ADEL System's range of products! »

Middle East Electricity 2018

Power & Electricity Exhibition will take place from 6th to 8th of March 2018 in Dubai. Visit our stand H20.H28, you will find interesting solution for your application. »

Power Gen 2017

From 5th to 7th December Adel System looks forward to your visit at Power Gen International Exhibition in Las Vegas, the world's largest power generation event. »

Interlift 2017

Adel System will exhibit at Interlift, an event for elevator field. Here you can discover all our new solutions. We wil await you on Hall Pavillion, Stand 115. »

SPS 2017

We are pleased to receive you at our Booth G005, Hall 5 from 23rd of May to 25th of May 2017. »

D-FLEX Power Supply

The Power Supply Range's now is extended also to domestic field. »

Hannover 2017

24th - 28th April 2017. Come to visit us at Hall 11, Stand D45. We will await for you with all our news concerning the world of multimediality. »

Middle East Electricity 2017

Power & Electricity Exhibition will take place from 14th to 16th of February 2017 in Dubai. Visit our stand H2.H28, you will find interesting solution for your application. »

Electronica 2016

The World's Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Components, Systems and Applications. We will exhibit from 8th to 11st of November 2016 in Munich, Germany. You will find us in the Hall A2, Stand A2.474 »

IMTS 2016

From 12nd until 17th of September 2016, in Chicago. Six full days of innovation, technology and networking. Adel System will exhibit at Italian Pavillon, Booth E-4533. »

SPS 2016, Parma, Italy

Also this year, ADEL System will exhibit to the best national fair for automation. We are pleased to receive you at our Booth N020, Hall 2 to offer you our best solution for your applications. »

New Catalogue and New Products in the DC-UPS range

OPEN YOUR MIND in a connettivity direction for your power management around the world »

Hannover Messe 2016

25th - 29th April 2016, Come to visit us at Hall 11 Stand D43. We will await for you with all our news »

CBI- All In One Series

New CBI Series: the innovative range of switching technology devices that will revolutionize the way you think automation New CBI Series: the innovative range of switching technology devices that will revolutionize the way you think automation New... »

Flex power supply units

The FLEX range of products is characterized from 1, 2 and 3-phase input up to 500W with current rating ranging to 25A and a power flexibility that reach the 50% of the rated current In. The declared ambient temperature operations field start from ... »