Back in 2005, a year that now seems to belong to another historical era, we invented a product. We are talking about the DC-UPS that we called "All in one" because it used three technologies in one: it was a battery charger but also power but also a back-up module. A technological path has been made, and our vision has been rewarded by the development of market needs


Established in 1991, ADELSystem produces linear and switch-mode power supply units. ADELSystem is recognized as one of the world's foremost manufacturers of industrial power supplies, DC UPS, and intelligent battery chargers. Thanks to its unwavering focus on quality, ADELSystem has grown steadily over the years, with a worldwide network of companies now contributing significantly to its net sales.
With over 250 models designed for various applications, Adelsystem draws upon extensive experience to offer a comprehensive range of power supply units that meet the diverse needs of industrial automation. Our research and development, engineering, and marketing teams work together tirelessly to ensure that our products consistently exceed our customer's ever-evolving expectations.