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Moheshkhali Floating LNG

Case Studies

How the DC-UPS ADEL System fits the world’s first fully integrated turnkey floating LNG terminal?

What is the reason why our DC-UPS has ended up in an enormous ship near the Bangladesh shore? Let’s start from the beginning, thanks to our customer Rivertech we have found out about the project.

Rivertech Systems Ltd. started its business in 2014 bearing the name as Invertek Technologies Services. It is primarily a Trading based UPS seller. Invertek changed its name in 2017 after transforming it in to a Private Limited company. In terms of target client, it is mainly focused to manufacturing sector of Bangladesh and main product is Industrial UPS system. Apart from UPS they also sell NiCD stationery Battery, AC/DC Inverter, Industrial lighting System. Recently they have introduced “Preventive Maintenance Service” for UPS system, Solar Power Systems.


In 2017, Rivertech was selected to supply Online UPS system in three Gas Transmission Project, where SCADA system was installed for the first time in Bangladesh. For SCADA 24VDC was required. DC UPS needed to be kitted with NiCD battery and the company decided not to go for a Chinese brand since they wanted a premium quality product.
But let’s talk a little bit about the project.
The Moheshkhali terminal has been developed offshore the Moheshkhali Island in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. This project will help to secure the future provision of energy in the country being the country’s first LNG import terminal.
The grand total costs of the terminal are estimated at $179.5m and will feature a baseload capacity of 500 million standard cubit feed of gas per day (MMscf/d). The project has started in the final quarter of 2017. 
“Bangladesh is heavily dependent on natural gas to its energy requirements due to limited hydro and wind resources, as well as a lack of available land for the development of solar projects. The country has been experiencing severe shortage of energy resources for many years, with demand exceeding five billion cubic metres a year. These shortages are having a noticeable effect on its energy, water and transport sectors. Additionally, the existing natural gas reserves are forecast to exhaust by 2031, despite being estimated to comprise more than 15 trillion cubic feet. Bangladesh is expected to face an energy crisis should no new fields be discovered by that period. Petrobangla proposed the construction of the new terminal to address this shortage and enable the importation of natural gas into the country.”
(Offshore Technology)
“The floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) will allow Bangladesh to import LNG for the first time as its domestic gas production falls and will boost several power projects in a nation where 30 percent go without electricity.” 
“The MLNG terminal enables Petrobangla to procure LNG from international gas markets which will further complement and enhance Bangladesh’s ability to reliably use the country’s domestic natural gas reserves. Expanding access to diverse and abundant sources of natural gas supply will allow local communities to flourish and provide a net economic benefit for the Bangladesh economic growth engine for years to come.”
(Excelerate Energy)
The project is expected to be one of the most important in the country development framework for the future, the increase in gas supply in the Bangladesh’s market will be approximately 20% and surely a provide the country with access to clean energy!
But why did we end up being in this project?
Rivertech choose our product because, quote: “Keeping in mind the goodwill and smooth operation ability we changed to ADELSYSTEM. As this is the first LNG project in Bangladesh and four more project are coming, so we did not compromise with quantity for quality, Italian made goods have solid reputation in Bangladesh.”
They also told us that the Product Design, Technical Features and the “Made in Italy” tag helped a lot.
Our solution has also helped to reduce the costs of the overall system thanks to the Battery Care technology which will help to increase the lifespan of the batteries that are installed! 
We are very proud to be part of this futuristic project and we look forward to being part of more!