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Access Control and Video Sourveillance

Case Studies
ADEL System provides a complete range of innovative solutions to support fields in development such as Smart City and Security Integration.
Among the numerous ICT and IOT applications, ADEL System proposes also those dedicated to the development of access control systems and video sourveillance of people.
This guarantee a reliable electrical continuity solution over time to analyze the flow of people in the city with high population density capable of operating in all conditions (with and without electrical network) and with all safety norms.
The solution is the All In One DC-UPS device that integrates the following features in a single product:
1. Power Supply
2. Battery Charger
3. Back-up module
4. Battery Care and diagnosis module
Thanks to the DC-UPS it is possible to develop the latest generation of access control systems capable of monitoring in real time the traffic and physical movements of people during one of the world events most awaited by young and old: the Venice Carnival.
In addition to ensuring 24-hour operations, the All In One DC-UPS device manages and diagnoses the batteries automatically, taking care of the most critical element of the system: the batteries. It guarantees a safe and effective system thanks to the self-diagnosis on the batteries and on the system, preventing and reducing maintenance times and costs.
Into the electrical panels of 34 city gates, the control of electrical continuity is totally managed by ADEL System. Thanks to this initiative, it was possible to count 80 thousand people who arrived in Venice on the first day of celebrations and 100 thousand the following day.
For this specific application, our CBI1210A All-In-One DC-UPS has been chosen. It made the assembly and installation easier and faster and made the entire system reliable.
The amplitude of the input voltage indicates its robustness. Range from 85 to 305 Vac which makes the product one of the most tenacious and durable over time even If there are changes in the supply voltage. In fact, unlike many other products whose maximum input voltage is 264 Vac, Adelsystem guarantees a maximum value of 305Vac removing a frequent problem.
Another technical feature appreciated by the customer is battery management and its maintenance over time for correct system operation, the "Battery Care" philosophy, that allows best conditions of the battery for each state it is in. 
Finally, the battery diagnostics and the system report the malfunction via Led, Relay and MODbus communication protocol. These types of signaling allow fast and effective intervention by maintenance technicians, avoiding errors and longer times in system diagnostics.
The "Made in Italy" solution guarantees, in addition to logistical advantages, fast and concrete after-sales technical support.
Thanks to the benefits of the DC-UPS range, ADEL System’s products are installed in different applications where the power supply must always be guaranteed. Some examples? Radio links for communication between school and the municipality, hotspots and wifi for citizenship, photovoltaic systems, territorial control by the police.
In summary, here below some reasons for choosing ADEL System as a partner:
• All In One that means three devices integrated in a single solution: power supply, battery charger, back-up module, battery diagnosis module, internal power sharing, communication protocol connection module;
• Battery Care Technology: recharges all battery types: Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, 5 charging stages, internal impedance measurement, SOC, battery tester;
• Input voltage: extended range from 85 to 305 Vac;
• Product quality and reliability over time: they improve battery life and never break;
• Simplification of company workflow to save time and manpower
• After sales technical support: we assist the application and maintenance at every stage and over time;