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Cogeneration System

Case Studies
AB is the most important industrial center for cogeneration and energy enhancement of renewable sources. The group is based in the province of Brescia but is present with branches all over the world.  ADEL System has been a partner of the group for 15 years.
It is made up of about 1000 employees and several companies, headed by AB Holding, including:
• AB Impianti which deals with the construction of the plants;
• AB Service which manages the maintenance part of the plants;
• AB Energy which manages the commercial part
• AB Engineering which deals with the design of the plants
The standard electrical model envisaged in Cogeneration is 24V - 10A and for this reason, the ADEL System products of the DC-UPS-All In One range, the CBI2410A / S, have been installed for more than 15 years.

Subsequent updates of the systems have confirmed the use of the same product, the CBI2410A, for the power supply that is supplied by those who manage the endothermic engine of the system. The concept of providing two distinct power branches, one for the load and one for the battery power supply, has for years been confirmed as a winner to create system reliability over time.
The hours of operation throughout the year are 8,000h. The AB systems are supervised, therefore, when maintenance is required, a report is sent to the group of intervention technicians who ensure all after-sales services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and this thanks to automatic preventive maintenance which has as its philosophy intrinsic functioning of the CBI2410A.
AB's need has always been to find a reliable and long-lasting component for the electrical panels of their ECOMAX® cogeneration systems. For this reason, AB relied on ADEL System for the supply of 24V power supply, having found the ideal solution over time in the All In One CBI2410A/S DC-UPS range.
AB has managed to create a plant with "made in Italy" material because it has ascertained that ADELsystem could be an Italian company but capable of transmitting competitiveness at an international level. Another winning element was the innovation of the technical solution of the All In One product, in which the Power Supply, the Power Management, the Back-Up module, the Battery Charger and the Battery Tester are all within the same product, this also for the reduction of the spaces inside the switchboard.

The compactness of the product and the rapidity of interaction between the AB and ADEL System technical offices allowed a quick technical comparison and the replacement of a previous artisan product that had various limitations of use.
With our All In One solution, it was possible to take advantage of a decidedly stable and safe power supply in all mains supply conditions and battery conditions.
The benefits obtained by AB in the use of our ADEL System products are part of the product and company mission itself, namely:
Compact size
Produced for an international market
Continuous innovation
Possibility of customization in the battery charge curves