PLC Interface connection kit

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Adel system PLC interface connection kits represent an alternative to their original range of products for the purpose of providing solutions to and improving the connection of electric control panels to the different PLC’s available on the market today such as: Siemens, Télémécanique, Omron, Matsushita-Panasonic, and Saia Burgess. The kits include the specific cables for each type of PLC, the electro-mechanical and opto relay interface cards, passive connection cards, in other words everything you need to make a simple, safe and completely compatible connection which also improves efficiency and performance

PLC interface connection kits
  • Kit for PLC Siemens S7-300-400
  • Kit for PLC Télémécanique
  • Kit for PLC Matsushita
  • Kit for PLC Omron
  • Kit for PLC Saia
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