The battery charger with head inside


CB12245AJ is a Charging and Testing unit with an integrated CANbus communication functionality. Thanks to the Battery Care philosophy, it optimizes battery life. It is housed in strong enclosures and it is easy to install as it comes with an automatic coupling for DIN Rails.

Once the batteries have been automatically charged, the CB chargers check the battery life status to avoid all risk of damage, thus allowing you to remain permanently under charge.

The CB12245AJ is based on latest generation of microcontrollers and it provides more than 50 parameters about charging status and failure throw the CANbus J1939 protocol. Adelsystem battery chargers have four charging stages and an accurate battery diagnosis, they are considered a revolution in the High-Tech application of energy management.

  • Extremely Small Size
  • Automatic four stage charging profiles
  • Fast Charging technology
  • External system integration via CANbus using J1939 protocol
  • Power Supply function
  • Battery charging temperature compensation
  • Straightforward diagnostic and monitoring of battery and device
  • Maximum safety and protection through standard features
  • UL Approved (pending)
  • IP protection 20
  • Charge and monitoring all batteries types (AGM, Gel, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion)
  • Automatic “de-rating” to comply strong field



Remote Controller

CANbus J1939 allows to monitor remotely more than 50 parameters about the battery charging and charger status.

Battery Charger

Multistage Battery Charger, performed for all battery’s types. Recovery, Boost, Absorption and Float. Recharge Battery Close to Zero. Customizable charging curves.

Battery Tester

Battery Care is the main philosophy. The battery chargers monitor the reverse Polarity, battery connection, element in Short Circuit, Overload, Charging Current Limitation



  • CAN Connection J1939: provide more than 50 parameters

  • One device for all battery type: Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Ni Cd, Li Ion

  • Multistage Charging. “Four Charging Modes”: Recovery, Boost, Absorption, Float

  • Adjustable charging Current

  • Fast Charging selectable

  • Testing Battery: Reverse Polarity, Battery disconnected, Element in Short Circuit, Element Opened, Battery Close to Zero

  • Wide input Voltage Range: 115 – 230 – 277 Vac

  • One device for Field 12 or 24 Vdc Output

  • Power Supply Function

  • Fail Contact Alarm

  • LED Diagnosis Alarm

  • Suitable to working on DPY351 Environment



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