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Those requiring just a system for recharging and maintaining lead batteries charged which does not provide a complex power supply recharging system with back-up modulus, will find the CB series a reliable, state-of-the-art solution. This range is used for the same applications as the “CBI – All in One” range, yet solely for recharging.

CB Battery Charger

Main features:

  • Output voltage 12, 24, 36Vdc
  • Output current 3A ÷ 12A
  • Constant voltage and current re-charge
  • Trickle charge
  • Relay output for diagnostic functions contact signals as "Replace battery"; "Flat battery"; "Fault in the main"; that is: "High voltage at the battery ends"; "Open or sulphated battery"; "Inverted battery connections"; "Possible short-circuited element"
  • Protections against short-circuit, over load, over voltage out, reverse battery
  • Extremely small size
  • Ambient temperature operation field: -10 ÷ 50°C
  • IP20

CB battery chargers are a range of power supply units with microprocessors which charge batteries optimising their performance and duration. Based on switch-mode technology, they produce an output voltage stabilised at a preset value, even when not being charged. These battery chargers with three load levels and battery diagnosis revolutionise the application of current products available for both civil and industrial installations. Electronic control of maintaining batteries charged ensures optimum recharging over time. Like other ADEL SYSTEM products, these are housed in strong cases and are easy to install as they come with an automatic coupling for DIN Rails. Once batteries have been automatically charged in accordance with the multi-stage principle, in other words, using fast and then trickle charge, the CB battery chargers check battery life status to avoid all risk of damage, thereby enabling them to be left permanently under charge.

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